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Our Wheelhouse


Roland Active International supplies and builds commercial properties in West Africa.


GM+RA builds and leases warehouses for businesses in need storage  

Roland International Supplies Ltd. is a subsidiary of Goldbach Manheim Holdings. The amalgamation of these two businesses spawned the acronym GM+RA. GM+RA's goal is to supply and build the properties of West Africa's future. Our business model focuses on the individual and businesses. GM+RA offers its clients a boutique approach to home and commercial buildings.


GM+RA will employ turnkey solutions design, built, and operate when comes to delivering projects. We currently have various construction projects around the globe. Our strategy and diligent hard work have put GM+RA in the position to execute a major government project in West Africa in a few years. We have the skills, we have the partnerships, and we are highly capable of getting the job done while surpassing clients' expectations. 



Image by Zane Lee

GM+RA is here to make your dream home a reality


GM+RA's greatest assets are its employees. This is closely followed by our portfolio of undeveloped land deeds. Our quick access to desirable land makes development much easier. It also keeps risk to our client to a minimum. We pride ourselves on our ability to procure desirable land for our clients. 


Stay In Touch.

Roland Active International Supplies Ltd.

198, Benin-Auchi Road, By 2nd Oando Filling Station

Aduwawa, Benin City, Edo State



Tel: +234 (0)810 597 2155

Tel: +234 (0)813 069 4467

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Goldbach Manheim Holdings LLC

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STE 220 #461

Houston, Texas 77064

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